Standards Australia BD-036 Scaffolding Committee


The Scaffolding Association Australia (SAA) is very happy to announce that we have received confirmation from Standards Australia that we now have a participating member seat on the BD-036 Scaffolding Committee.

The SAQ (Scaffolding Association Queensland), now the SAA, have been contributing to a number of standards over the years as members of various working groups but this appointment has now formalised our membership into the technical committee, BD-036 Scaffolding.

The BD-036 Scaffolding Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Scaffolding standards portfolio, AS 1576. This portfolio comprises of seven separate parts, all of which are reviewed on a regular basis and are regularly referred to in legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice.

The SAA is committed to being involved in standards development relating to scaffolding to ensure we can participate in and influence the crafting of Australian Standards that impact our scaffolding businesses and entities.

Standards can impact a scaffolding business as they are often a compliance tool of regulators and form a fundamental market conformance requirement.

The SAA will use our membership base to provide us with feedback on any Australian Standard that relates to scaffolding so that the standards that impact the scaffolding industry are reasonable and consider the opinions of our scaffolding company members.

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