Representing the Australian Scaffolding Industry

Our History

The SAA was formed in 2022 after previously being a Queensland state-based association, the Scaffolding Association Queensland (SAQ). The SAQ was formed in 1994 to increase the level of professionalism in an industry too often ignored or misrepresented in the building process. Our mission has not changed, we are here to represent our members and be their voice in the construction industry. We help guide them in managing, operating and growing their business.

Since 1994, the SAQ, now the SAA has helped members enhance and expand their businesses by providing support and advice in business management and processes, as well as updates on technological advances in the scaffolding industry, new product information and updates to scaffolding legislation.

We have represented our membership in dealings with State and Federal agencies and have a proven track record in lobbying government to ensure that legislation impacting the scaffolding industry are reasonable and consider the opinions of scaffolding companies. We’re helping advance more effective safety standards with our cohesive industry approach to the development of scaffold related standards and codes of practice.

At our last General Meeting as the SAQ, on 9th November 2022, our membership voted unanimously on a special resolution to transition from a state based association to a national company limited by guarantee and we became the Scaffolding Association Australia Limited.

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