SAA appreciates the generous and continued support from our Partners, Sponsors and Collaborators at state and national levels.

The SAA is generously supported by partners, sponsors and collaborators at state and national levels. Our partners, sponsors and collaborators play an essential role in enabling us to lead and advocate for the scaffolding industry and provide support and resources to members.

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Advanced Partners


Layher is the world’s leading manufacturer of scaffolding and temporary works solutions. We supply equipment to the residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and event industries. Layher goes to considerable effort to develop products that are lighter, faster and stronger. Ultimately this saves your business time and money. Likewise, Layher sets the standard for innovation and excellence.

What our partner says...

We're excited to be partnering with the SAA and look forward to continuing the great relationship we formed with this exciting new national body for the scaffolding industry.

>>> Brad Leggett, Manager Sales & Technical

Intermediate Partners


ScaffM8 is a cutting-edge software solution that is transforming the way scaffolding operations are managed. ScaffM8 is a powerful tool designed to streamline and optimize scaffolding processes, enabling companies to achieve higher efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced productivity. Developed by a team of industry professionals and software experts, ScaffM8 offers a wide range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of scaffolding companies.

What our partner says...

We are excited to be partnering with SAA. Through this collaboration we aim to empower the Australian scaffolding industry by providing customised, state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise.

>>> Keith Archer, Director

Scaffolding Software

With design, estimating & full management software for the scaffold industry, Scaffolding Software has a proven track record of delivering solutions for the scaffold, formwork, industrial, commercial, civil and residential industries worldwide. Improve your business with the iScaf®, iRent® and iQuote® Scaffold Software solutions. Our mission is to continue to create the best software tools available for Scaffolding, Formwork, Industrial services and Construction businesses accompanied by the best support and learning tools.

What our partner says...

In 1989, we began as a software consulting business right here in Melbourne, specifically catering to the Scaffolding Industry. Our initial triumph led to the creation of two new products, which were first launched in 1992. Currently serving clients across 34 countries, our business has thrived.

>>> Andrew Yeung, Director


Proscaf is a world-leading system scaffold, and a SafeSmart Access brand. With a large range of components and ancillary systems, Proscaf enables scaffold companies to produce superior solutions more efficiently. SafeSmart works closely with our Scaffold Delivery Partners to not only help them achieve the best return on their scaffold investment, but drive their business growth.

What our partner says...

Proscaf is pleased to partner with SAA. It’s great to have a central forum to drive the continual development of the scaffold industry in Australia.

>>> Alf Dartnell, General Manager


Since 2002, Avontus® Software has been the trusted technology partner of scaffolding and industrial services companies worldwide. With an easy-to-use suite of specialized software, we’re your one-stop shop for everything from accurate 2D and 3D drawings with virtual and augmented reality capability, to automated inventory and rental management to real-time awareness of industrial scaffolding safety, productivity, and operational details. Our dedicated, knowledgeable training and support teams ensure you are equipped to succeed from day one.

What our partner says...

Avontus is excited to be partnering with SAA after being Associate Members of the SAQ for many years. We look forward to continuing to supply Australian scaffolding companies with quality scaffolding software. >>> Brian Webb, CEO & Founder


Built in the UK and proven in Australian conditions for over 10-years, Loadmac is the truck mounted forklift which is raising the bar. Whether it’s the 2.5 tonne Loadmac 825 Super Reach that has the ability to unload the whole vehicle from one side or the compact and powerful 2.5 tonne Loadmac 225 Ultra, our industry leading machines offer unrivalled performance and reliability when a truck mounted forklift is the right choice for your operation.

What our partner says...

We’re delighted to be partnering with SAA. Our machines have been a favourite for operators in the scaffolding industry for many years now due to their reliability, performance and versatility in scaffolding applications. We look forward to continuing our involvement with both our existing and future customers in this vital sector. >>> Chris Walker, Sales & Support - Australia & New Zealand

Basic Partners


Our Vision at Sitemax is to lead the Australian market with debris containment, encapsulation products and temporary signage used on jobsites. We’ve asked our clients what sets us apart;  “Innovation | Safety | Better Quality | Australian Made & Owned | Superior Service | Sustainability”. We’re driven by offering a fully compliant solution for every debris containment or encapsulation requirement on jobsites.

What our partner says...

Sitemax looks forward to maintaining our sponsored relationship with the SAA and remains committed to providing Australia's scaffolding industry with premium containment and encapsulation solutions that comply with Australian standards, including the new standard AS 1576.7

>>> Matthew Eade, Account Executive

Oversight Consulting

Oversight Consulting is a consulting organisation specialising in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. As trusted partners, we don’t just work for our clients, we work with our clients, helping to build, maintain and support their operations through the provision of safe, reliable and cost effective solutions. We are here for the long haul. We offer onsite consulting in health and safety, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental consulting and internal and external auditing.

What our partner says...

Hi, I’m Ethan Fricke and as the Founder of Oversight Consulting I would like to welcome you. In a nutshell, we’re a health and safety consulting firm specialsing in the scaffolding industry.

>>> Ethan Fricke, Managing Director


Save time and money on your scaffolding projects. Easily create fully customisable & world-class designs, engineer jobs in a heartbeat, get totally accurate gear lists, and more. ScaffPlan is one program made by industry leading scaffolders to give you the tools to be the best. Elevate your business with never-before seen levels of professionalism & efficiencies.

What our partner says...

We tried every scaffold software on the market. They didn't cut it for complex jobs. So we built ScaffPlan.

>>> Simon Boyes, Managing Director


SCAFFKiT is a Western Australian owned and family operated online business supplying the finest quality scaffolding tools and accessories from around the globe to the construction, industrial, defence, mining, oil and gas sectors Australia wide.

What our partner says...

We are very excited to network, learn and share all matters related to the scaffolding industry. Our long term view is to collaborate through SAA with members to receive reciprocal feedback and suggestions on scaffolding tools required to safely conduct activities, whilst being kept updated on the latest news, Australian standards and technical information.

>>> Mary Waikari, Managing Director


At ICCONS®, we’re more than your concrete fixing specialist – we’re your dedicated partner in building excellence. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we empower the independent distribution channel with cutting-edge construction products.

What our partner says...

Our unwavering commitment to supporting independent dealers, combined with a team boasting decades of experience, sets us apart. From advanced construction fastening systems to state-of-the-art power tools accessories sourced from global supply partners, ICCONS® is your gateway to innovation.

>>> Matthew King, Civil Engineer


The future scaffold encapsulation mesh has arrived.  ConstructAmesh is an innovative Australian owned and designed scaffold encapsulation safety mesh.  This product will leave a legacy to the world of being dedicated to a ‘greener’ approach which will be beneficial to the environment.

What our partner says...

ConstructAmesh is durable, sustainable, long life, 100% recyclable - good for our customers ESG Reports. A true multi-use product. ConstructAmesh already has the Australian scaffold industry covered for the full AS1576.7, you are more than 100% compliant when you use our mesh. ConstructAmesh cares about the safety of the person handling our product, the safety of the environment, and a secure & fair supply-chain, these are our values.

>>> Malcolm Matthews, Managing Director

scaffSAFE ®

scaffSAFE ® is targeting all major projects, big and small, to provide the one and only Anti-Tamper coupler. Get yours today and keep your scaffolding ties from being removed and tampered with!

What our partner says...

At scaffSafe we specialize in safeguarding your scaffolding set ups with our state-of-the-art anti-tamper system. Our technology ensures the security and integrity of your scaffolding structures, preventing unauthorized access and tampering. With over 9500 safe ties active in the market, we're dedicated to setting new industry standards and protecting your assets. Discover how we're redefining scaffolding security and experience the future of construction protection.

>>> Michael Padovan, Managing Director


Founded on the back of powder-actuated technology, Ramset™ has built an enviable reputation for innovation and quality. Through the continuous improvement of this technology and anchoring and bracing innovations, Ramset has created industry-recognised names such as FrameBoss™, DynaBolt™, OrbiPate™ and Chemset™, which have revolutionised construction.

What our partner says...

Using our 70 years of industry experience, Ramset™ products are designed to meet the demands of the modern construction industry. Listening to our customers and constantly innovating our products, we understand what’s needed and ensure our products live up to the highest standards. Time is money on a building site, which is why all Ramset products are designed for worksite efficiency and ease of use.

>>> Kate Storer - Technical Manager Ramset

Strategic Partnerships

Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc

Scaffolding, Access, and Rigging New Zealand (SARNZ) supports members and the industry by providing a range of services, including training, industry updates and news, and advocacy on behalf of the industry to government and regulatory bodies. Being ISO 9001 certified, SARNZ leads members with excellence, promoting quality and safety – every time.

What our collaborator says...

SARNZ is thrilled to be supporting SAA on building a better industry for all New Zealand and Australia in the Access Trades. Together we hope to raise standards, commit to continual improvement and improve consistency in best practice to become leaders in the global construction community.

>>> Tina Wieczorek, CEO

Working at Height Association

The Working at Height Association (WAHA) is dedicated to supporting and influencing the ongoing development of safe practice, equipment innovation, systems and product design, continuous education of all stakeholders and the operational competency of all persons working at height and in confined spaces. As a professional membership organisation, WAHA is a centre for the working at heights, safety, engineering and design communities to come together to advance safety, increase knowledge and advocate for best practice in the discipline

What our collaborator says...

WAHA are excited about our new partnership the Scaffolding Association of Australia, working collaboratively as a combined voice to protect workers at height and continue to advocate for safer workplaces across Australia.

>>> Scott Barber, CEO


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What our sponsor says...

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