Ramset Partners with the Scaffolding Association Australia


We’re very excited to announce that we are partnering with Ramset!

Mechanical Anchoring

Ramset™ Mechanical Anchors are manufactured to high quality standards, ensuring maximum confidence that the product solution you choose fits the purpose and will meet design load requirements. The Ramset™ Mechanical Anchoring range consists of:

  • Xtrem™ Seismic Anchors
  • SpaTec™ Safety Anchors
  • Boa™ Coil Expansion Anchor
  • TruBolt™ Stud Anchors
  • AnkaScrew™ Screw in Anchors
  • DynaBolt™ Sleeve Anchors
  • DynaSet™ Drop-In Anchor

Chemical Anchoring

Ramset™ Chemical Anchors are approved for installation in a diverse range of site conditions and adheres to ETA, fire-rated and seismic requirements. ChemSet™ is a leading chemical anchoring brand of Ramset, well-known for its quality, reliability, and versatility. The Ramset™ Chemical Anchor range consists of:

  • Epcon™C8 Xtrem™
  • ChemSet™801 Xtrem™ XC2
  • ChemSet™Reo502™ PLUS
  • ChemSet™801 Xtrem™
  • ChemSet™101 PLUS
  • ChemSet™ Anchor Studs
  • Internal Threaded Anchor Inserts
  • ChemSet™ Installation Accessories

Technical Data Sheet; Mechanical Anchors in Early Strength Concrete (12 MPa)

Both the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1576.1:2019 Scaffolding Part 1: General requirements and the Queensland Scaffolding Code of Practice 2021 state that an important part of the design of post-installed anchors used in the tying of scaffold is to consider the concrete strength at the time of installation. The working load limit specified by the anchor supplier should be greater than or equal to 6 kN for horizontal tie anchors. Click on the button below to view Ramset’s Technical Data Sheet on this subject, created especially for the SAA Members.

More from Ramset

Ramset offer a wide range of specialised tools utilizing Gas & Powder Actuated technology plus innovative system solutions such as ReidBrace™ and OrbiPlate™. You can learn more about Ramset by heading to their new website.

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