Scafom-rux Permanent Advanced Guardrail

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Scafom-rux Permanent Advanced Guardrail

Comply easily with National WorkSafe Australia guidelines for the safe assembly and dismantling of our ANZ Design Registered RINGSCAFF® modular scaffolding system.

To ensure that you and your team can work safely on the scaffolding, it is crucial to always be protected against falls. This can be achieved either through personal fall protection equipment (PPE) or through technical devices like the Scafom-rux Permanent Advanced Guardrail (PAG). With the PAG, you can safely and quickly comply with National WorkSafe Australia guidelines for the assembly and disassembly of RINGSCAFF® scaffolding.

Watch the simple operational methods for the safe use of our PAG in our product video here.

The Permanent Advanced Guardrail ensures that you are protected from falls during scaffolding operations on every level prior to stepping foot on the lift above. Another key feature: the PAG can be easily unfolded, making it not only easy to set up but also space-saving for transport, storage and maintenance.

What are the advantages of the Permanent Advanced Guardrail compared to other solutions?

  • No additional non-permanent accessories required to comply with National WorkSafe Australia guidelines
  • Reduced labour with no double handling of products
  • Safe installation of the next vertical lift from a fully secured platform below
  • Significant reduction in component quantity and weight
  • Foldable component for ease of transport in standard RINGSCAFF® racks

The Permanent Advanced Guardrail is available in sizes ranging from 1.5m to 3.07m, making it fully compatible with the RINGSCAFF® modular scaffolding system. For more details about the PAG, download our tech info here.

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