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SAA Annual General Meeting 2023


Thank you to all of our members who attended our AGM on Wednesday, 6th September, both in person and online.

Special thanks to our State Chairs and Committee members who traveled to be with us and to update us on what’s happening in their states, as well as our Queensland State Chair, Committee members, and SAA Members.

Jordy Adshead – VIC Chair
Mark Corkery – NSW Chair
Di Barry – SA Chair
Matthew Ward – WA Committee Member

What a wonderful meeting with much discussion on the issues and opportunities in our great industry, as well as really interesting and industry-specific presentations from:

Glenn Hanna – SAA Group Insurance
Simon Boyes – International ScaffChamps
Phillip Whitbread – SAA Scaffolding Training Sub Committee
Mick Stewart – Proposed group Silica Dust Exposure monitoring
Darren Cowan & Paul Bennett – De-Wipe, decontamination range
Mark Corkery – 3D scanning and Point Cloud technology
Jordy Adshead – VIC Chair update
Di Barry – SA Chair update
Mark Twyford – Presentation of SAA financials
Danny Zarb & Tim McGregor – SAA Board updates

How exciting our journey as a national body for the scaffolding industry is becoming as we take on new #members#partners#collaborators, and #committees. We can’t wait to see where we can go!

SAA Members

Full Members of the SAA can watch the AGM Video Presentation or read the AGM Report that contains all of the guest speaker presentations and additional content by clicking on the buttons below.

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