Are you struggling with recruitment? Consider your problems solved with Edwards HR!

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Edwards HR are the leaders in HR and recruitment for heavy industry, and we get incredible results.

Are you struggling with recruitment?

Do you need recruitment support for your business but not someone full-time?

Do you need a reliable, knowledgeable recruiter who can take care of your recruitment headaches?

Consider your problems solved! Edwards HR are the leaders in HR and recruitment for heavy industry, and we get incredible results.

Why choose Edwards HR?

Our team boasts more than 40 years of experience providing recruitment solutions to heavy industry businesses of all sizes. We have unrivalled industry experience, recruiting blue and white collar roles at entry level through to senior management level, so we understand your industry and your people, as well as your unique needs and challenges.

Our team specialises in heavy industry, including (but, of course, not limited to):

  • Spanning from the corporate office to the construction site, we have a solid understanding of the industry and its’ requirements.
  • We know the personalities, culture, and unique working environment of the scaffolding and construction industries (and related services), as well as the opportunities and challenges you face.
  • We know the people, at each level, from those on the ground onsite and those working in the office, through to senior management and those in the boardroom. We understand the purpose of each role, and what different roles require in terms of licences, experience and qualifications, and everything else that goes along with heavy industry recruitment.

Ready to talk to our team?

Call us on 07 3568 0866 or email to request a meeting or call with us.

Our recruitment process

Any business leader worth their salt knows that people are their single more important asset. No employees = No company!

But finding new team members can be both time consuming and frustrating. This is where we come in.

We are not your typical recruitment consultants. We can help with any or all steps in the recruitment process, end-to-end recruitment support, short and long-term placements, and project-based solutions, depending on your requirements – it is entirely up to you. For you as our client, this unique approach is both cost-effective and efficient.

We value and encourage your input through the process – you know your business best! This will also ensure we are all on the same page to source and attract the best candidates who will add value to your business so you can get back to what you do best.

What you'll experience working with us

Working with Edwards HR, you will:

  • Have peace of mind in knowing your recruitment requirements are taken care of by an expert;
  • Save time and money getting the right person on board the first time around; and
  • Receive guidance from a dedicated and experienced recruitment expert who knows and understands your industry.

Nothing beats a business partner with unrivalled knowledge about your business, services, processes, and industry!

We all know recruitment is a headache and the employment market in Australia is red hot at the moment. So, get our knowledgeable and experienced team on your side to develop a recruitment strategy tailored to your needs, and we’ll strive to have your seats filled with the best candidates in the market!

To speak with someone in our team about how Edwards HR can support your business, contact us today:

Call 07 3568 0866 or email to request a meeting or call with us.

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