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SAA Partner News – Scaffolding Software – The makers of iRent®, iScaf® and iQuote®


Scaffolding Software News – The makers of iRent®, iScaf® and iQuote®

New iRent® upgrade powers on!

The focus has been on iScaf® recently since the release of 10.5 but iRent® 2024 continues to power on now at Version 12 release number 58 built on 35 Years of experience in the Scaffolding industry.

Rent® is used in 20 countries around the world.

New iScaf® upgrade 10.5 – 2024 update

iScaf®10.5 New Upgrade 

With iScaf 10.5, you can achieve the following

  • New 3D Detail: There is now the option for ultimate detail with 3D parts for Layher, Ringlock, and Kwikstage

  • Editing: New object and bay editing tools 

  • Editing: Great new insert custom component menu

  • Improved side views: section elevation features

  • Additional Customizations: including handrail, bracing, custom part thickness, Top Box, new surface, snap points, I beams, T beams, new presentation features and much more.

Please Contact them via their web site

Or call +61 3 9663 3662

Scaffolding Software – Servicing the Australian scaffolding industry for 30 years

Head Office: (Located right next to the Marriott Hotel)
2203/265 Exhibition Street
Victoria. 3000

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