ICCONS Partners with the Scaffolding Association Australia


We’re very excited to announce that we are partnering with ICCONS!

At ICCONS®, we’re more than your concrete fixing specialist –we’re your dedicated partner in building excellence. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we empower the independent distribution channel with cutting-edge construction products. Our unwavering commitment to supporting independent dealers, combined with a team boasting decades of experience, sets us apart. From advanced construction fastening systems to state-of-the-art power tools accessories sourced from global supply partners, ICCONS® is your gateway to innovation.

Now, let’s talk about our innovation in action…

ICCONS Thunderbolt PRO

Introducing our Thunderbolt®PRO Hex Head – the epitome of cutting-edge engineering in high tensile screw-in concrete and masonry anchors. Designed to excel in residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects, Thunderbolt®PRO is AS5216:2021 compliant and boasts ETA assessments for cracked concrete, fire performance, and C1/C2 seismic ratings. When you choose Thunderbolt®PRO, you’re opting for reliability,strength, and performance that go beyond expectations.


Presenting our TOGE TSM Hex head Screw bolt. The cornerstone of our Euro Range. Our TOGE TSM is AS5216:2021 compliant and boasts ETA assessments for cracked concrete, fire performance, and C1/C2 seismic ratings. Furthermore, it has undergone independent testing for its re-usability in temporary applications using our TSMTube Gauge in early-age concrete.

ICCONSTestPRO Digital Pull Tester

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at the fixing. Say hello to the ICCONS TestPRO Digital Pull Tester. With its vivid screen, USB rechargeable battery, and user-friendly mobile app, TestPRO makes pull testing safer and more efficient than ever. ICCONS TestPRO meticulously logs time, GPS coordinates, and test outcomes within the app, accessible at your convenience at any time. Furthermore, it can seamlessly compile all pertinent information and generate test reports within the app. Our TestPRO comes neatly packaged ina heavy-duty case, ready to tackle proof load tests up to 60 kN.

Join ICCONS® in shaping a future built on innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions. Call or email us any time for sales support. For technical support download our free AS5216 ICCONS DesignPRO Anchor design software or email our engineering team. Follow us on LinkedIN or youtube to stay informed

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