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SAA Partner News – Layher TwixBeam


Layher TwixBeam

Since the worldwide launch of the new Aluminium TwixBeam at Bauma in 2022, The TwixBeam has been used in a variety of applications with great success.

The high-strength, multipurpose aluminium TwixBeam from Layher – consisting of two bolted aluminium U-sections with a height of 200mm – has a wide range of possible uses, for wide-span work platforms, support beams, suspended scaffolding or projecting structures. The TwixBeam is available in lengths from 0.80 m to 6.60 m. The beam is characterised by high load-bearing capacity yet low weight.

There are many matching expansion parts available for the aluminium TwixBeam: The swivelling spindle is inserted into the 52 mm-wide intermediate area of the beam and pinned in place. It can be used as a head jack or base plate.

Standard or suspended structures can be built by passing through an Allround standard or the swivelling spindle. The spindle strut (patent pending) permits stiffening or bracing of various structures – it can transmit tensile and compressive forces. Beam connector and insertion beam complete the system for adaptability to all site conditions and contours.

Aluminium as the material ensures easier assembly and dismantling of the beam. The bolted structure permits dismantling of the beam for different applications while ensuring that the material retains its maximum loading capacities and is not weakened by welding.

Along with the intended application in falsework and propping the TwixBeam has been used to create needles and bridges in a variety of industries including the Events, Industrial and Civil construction sectors. One if the key features of the TwixBeam is the integration with the FlexBeam to create a hybrid beam with impressive loading capability as well as being able to support working platforms without the need for additional scaffolding.

The first project worldwide using this approach was recently completed on a Queensland project where the cladding was required to be replaced on a shopping centre as part of the flammable cladding remediation currently underway. Layher’s Australian design team worked closely with our client and certifying engineers to produce a solution that was able to be supported by Layher Allround Scaffolding on one side and be fixed directly to the building on the other. The Hybrid beam consisting of FlexBeam and TwixBeam then was decked out and façade scaffolding built above.

FlexBeam offers users even more cost savings. Simple to assemble, and using fewer components than alternative arrangements. FlexBeam makes large working platforms and overhead protection scaffolds faster and safer to build. FlexBeam also offers the scope to address a wide range of other applications. The designer’s imagination is the principal limiting factor.

The Layher aluminium FlexBeam offers great versatility when used with Allround scaffolding:
More versatility
• Birdcage scaffolds.
• Suspended bridge scaffolds.
• Mobile floating birdcage scaffolds.
• Overhead protection.
• Gantry scaffolds.
• Suspended working platforms.
• Confined spaces.
• Cantilevered support structures.

More benefits
Layher aluminium FlexBeam offers more benefits:
• High load bearing capacity – up to 5.5 × stronger than 450 aluminium beam.
• Structural height 280mm.
• Generally no requirement for time-consuming compression chord bracing.
• Designed for use with U-decks.
• Fully integrates with Layher Allround.
• Rapid assembly.
• Available in lengths 3m to 7m (can be joined).
• Uninterrupted, trip-free platforms.

For further information email or call 1300 136 026.

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