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Revolutionizing Scaffolding Technology The Avontus Way

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The scaffolding industry has not been exempt from the major technological advances of the 21st century.

The scaffolding industry has not been exempt from the major technological advances of the 21st century.

Despite some initial resistance towards change, more and more scaffolding companies have started to embrace technology since it helps them carry out their jobs in a safer and more efficient way.

Yet, this digital transformation did not occur overnight. The seeds of change were planted 20 years ago by a small firm of dedicated software and scaffold industry professionals, who were laser focused on resolving the pain points they encountered when they were scaffolders.

Read on to hear more of their story.

Scaffolding Design Made Easy

This firm is none other than Avontus, who celebrates their 20th anniversary of helping scaffolding companies reach new heights this year.

Avontus is well-known for its Avontus Designer solution, which greatly reduces the time taken to manually draw your scaffolds. You can show your conceptual scaffolds in both 2D and 3D within minutes, regardless of whether they are automated around walls or drawn bay by bay. Once the drawing is done, an accurate BOM can be generated in seconds. The designs can be further visualized in AR or VR, which can help scaffolders provide a virtual walkthrough of the proposed scaffold with clients to reassure them that high-quality work was done according to their specific requirements.

3D mock-up of a scaffold design using Avontus Designer

Breaking New Ground With VR/AR Technology

Notably, Avontus is the first company to bring virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology to the scaffolding industry with Avontus Viewer®. The ability to walk through scaffold designs in VR was a game-charger in terms of safety and client presentation. Safety hazards were more easily caught while it was much easier to convince clients of the effectiveness of a scaffold design after the VR experience. While VR was the first immersive experience developed for users, Avontus quickly followed suit with advanced AR visualization capabilities through Viewer, allowing clients to see their designs brought to life on the boardroom table or even job site utilizing mobile phones or tablets.

AR-enabled scaffold model generated by Avontus Viewer

Technology Made Accessible

Knowing how daunting it can be to learn new software, Avontus prides itself on two things: the intuitiveness of its product as well as the quality of its aftersale support and training. That is why all Avontus products come equipped with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use features, which users can start working with in mere hours! Avontus also provides round-the-clock support and a vast repository of documentation and manuals so their users are never left high and dry.

These factors are why we believe Avontus boasts its current retention rate, which exceeds 95%. As a matter of fact, their oldest customer has been with them for close to 20 years!

Intrigued By Avontus Technology?

Even as Avontus consolidates its position as a leader in the scaffolding technology industry, it is still hoping to make an even greater impact on scaffolding businesses in the region. As such, it is providing local companies with generous discounts on start-up costs (up to 50%) to get them started with game-changing technology! Contact to find out more

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