SAA Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall at all times abide by the rules of the Constitution, preserve the good reputation of the Association and promote its aims, views and objectives within the Industry (Trade) and training of staff/trainees under such education schemes the Association may support.

  2. Shall maintain a high standard of business ethic and honesty in all negotiations and transactions and not utter and exclude all ambiguous statements and claims.

  3. Shall at all times abide by all Federal, State and Local laws and by-laws pertaining to the Industry/Trade.

  4. Shall not replace a fellow member on any contract/project without first discussing with that member the reasons for doing so.

  5. Shall not pay or offer to pay commission or money or other benefits to secure a contract or pass inspection.

  6. Shall not attempt to secure the services of employees currently employed by a fellow member by offering any incentive, e.g., higher remuneration, bonuses, etc. Nor shall a member employ a trainee employed by a fellow member who has paid the cost of that trainees’ course at any educational Institute in the six (6) months previous without consultation with that member.

  7. Shall at all times, set a high standard of workmanship as required by each specification, and promote and observe harmonious employer/employee relations within the Industry/Trade wherever possible.

  8. Shall not withdraw from a contract entered into in good faith without sufficient cause or good reason.

  9. Shall not use misleading claims or offer services or warranties that are not in accordance with Industrial/Trade practices in the Industry/Trade or relevant legislation.

  10. Shall offer work enquiries to fellow members if unable to handle that enquiry.

  11. Shall assist at all times, members of the Association with business in preference to non-members.

  12. Members shall at all times, design, build, erect and dismantle scaffolding to comply with its States regulatory and Australian Standards requirements, and proven engineering principles.

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