General Meeting Report – 14th June 2021

We would like to thank all of our guest presenters, members, and guests who were able to attend our second General Meeting for 2021.

Below is the video presentation for the day, time stamps are included beneath the video so that you can skip forwards to whichever presentation you would like to watch.

Please note that we broadcasted this General Meeting live on Facebook in the SAQ Members Only Group. Please click here to join this group and you will then have access to the group as well as the live broadcasts. All broadcasts are saved in this group and can be watched at any time.

Time Stamps

Please click through to the following times on the video above to see these presentations:

  1. 0:00:04 – Guest Speaker – Ramey Othman & Benjamin Monavari, Hilti – Hilti anchor selection to comply with new scaffolding code of practice and dust migration
  2. 00:15:52 – Guest Speaker – Michael Poole & Jace March, Layher – Layher VR capabilities and demonstration
  3. 00:27:14 – Guest Speaker – Annalisa Fox, Up-Family – Up-Family software and construction apps
  4. 00:45:48 – Guest Speaker – Emma Edwards, Edwards HR – Company intro and changes to casual employment
  5. 01:10:21 – Guest Speaker – Ali Hajighafouri, Avontus  – Avontus software, company and product demo
  6. 01:39:34–  Guest Speaker –  Rob Thiess, President of the SAQ – SAQ News and Scaffolding Code of Practice 2021, outline of updates and changes

For a brief outline of what was presented at this meeting, please follow this link to the news item on the SAQ website.

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