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Bill Hutton
0408 746 901
Business Hours:
8:00am to 5:00pm
Business Address:
4/264 Woolcock Street, Currajong, Qld, 4812
Postal Address:
PO Box 4, Townsville, Qld, 4812
Design, Engineering and Consulting

FortisEM design, draft and digitally render scaffolding and supporting structures. While we are more than happy to do small projects, our capabilities are best illustrated when we develop solutions requiring scaffolding access on complex structures. This includes big projects from stack maintenance on sugar refining plant to complex marine infrastructure. Our consultancy on the Merivale Bridge in Brisbane is a case in point. The bridge crosses the Brisbane River between the stations of South Brisbane and Roma St. The Merivale Bridge makes an architectural statement and is a complex bridge structure. In 1980 it was named the most outstanding engineering project from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Australia. It consists of a double-track railway line, twin arches curing in the horizontal and vertical planes, multi-angled cable stays and has high-voltages cables running mid-height under the arches. Our client required an access scaffold system to allow washing and repainting of the bridge whilst allowing full operation of the bridge to continue. FortisEM designed a complex scaffold system that perfectly fitted between all elements of the bridge, was 27m tall at its high point, supported on only two points either side of the bridge and clear spanned across the width of the bridge. To ensure the geometry was correct, FortisEM undertook 3D laser scanning to accurately map the location of the arches, cables and HV cables prior to commencement of design. FortisEM also recently won the national Consult Australia Business Innovation – Small Firm award and Small Firm of the Year award for our work on this project. FortisEM prides itself on working closely with our clients on scaffold projects whether big or small and always happy to discuss you requirements.

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