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Howard Smith Wharf Concrete Remediation


Howard Smith Wharf Concrete Remediation

Facing logistical and engineering challenges, this project was one that kept the Central Scaffolding team on their toes from the get go!

Our client asked us to deliver a temporary working platform on the underside of a concrete walkway on a cliff face.

As there was limited ground to erect this on the cliff face, the team had to improvise and utilize the Layher flex beam system in a way they have never been used before.

By creating a scaffolding structure on the pedestrian walkway which had counterweights on and Layher cassette panels which would stop any public from accessing the scaffold, the Central Scaffolding team was able to use the flex beams cantilevering over the walkway and cliff face where they dropped their standards down to get under the bridge.

Doing all of this with foot and bike traffic above and below the scaffold was indeed a challenge!

The initial scope of work doubled in size but the Central Scaffolding team was fast and effective in getting this job done for the client in good time and most of all, incident free.

Well done to the Central Scaffolding team!

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