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How can SAA help you?

The SAA was formed to support our members in the scaffolding industry. We provide guidance and up to date industry information as well as explaining changes in regulation and legal requirements that are relevant to your business. The SAA advocates for you to the government on issues that are important to our industry.


Industry Expertise

Get direct access to industry experts, member support services and advocacy to help you manage, operate and grow your business

A voice in the industry

The SAA is here to be your voice in the industry. We have a successful track record in lobbying government and representing our members in meetings with government organisations.

SAA Alerts

You’ll receive the latest information and updates affecting the scaffolding and construction industry.

Access to Templates, Doc’s & Forms

We’ve developed a range of templates, documents and forms that every scaffolding company needs, available for free download for our members.

Upcoming Events

Expand your network at our regular SAA events. Learn from high-profile speakers, discuss industry issues and meet scaffolding builders and suppliers from the industry. Events are both in person and online.

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