QSAS & At-Pac

Nexus Towers Gold Coast


Nexus Towers Gold Coast

This entry is a collaboration between 2 of our Full Members, QLD Safe Access Solutions (QSAS) & AT-PAC for the Nexus Towers Gold Coast project.

QSAS were asked to provide 360-degree access and edge protection, 5t material loading bays and stretcher stair access to the roof of the Nexus Towers more than 70m above the ground for re-roof and re-cladding works.

There were many challenges including the 70m+ height, extremely limited storage space, the full 360 degree access that was required, the elements such as the wind and rain and a restricted timeline.

Through close consultation with the QSAS Management team and the AT-PAC design team, a solution was developed and engineered supporting ALL aspects of the scope presented.

The project utilised multiple solutions to achieve the goal:
• Hung scaffold sections
• Internal Rostrums within the plant room
• Craned Stretchers Stairs [70m into place] • Dozens of Cantilevered Sections
• Lifted Truss sections
• Fully linked scaffold with zero laps

Project Overview:
• 140t over across 2 towers
• 14-week project duration
• 4200 mans hours
• 20 team consultation hours
• 50 design hours
• 20 engineering and certification hours

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